Resident Evil 7 biohazard

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard story and everything you need to know.

It has passed more than a few years, when we heard about an upcoming video game Resident Evil: Biohazard for a very first time. To tell you the truth, we are pretty sure, you are looking forward to this game with a great impatience, since it might be one of the most successful video games created in 2017. Not to mention, Resident Evil 7 has a really great story to tell and it stands out because of very exciting gameplay.

To begin with, Resident Evil 7 game is not the first video game that has been created by a Japanese developer team Capcom. It is just the newest edition, which will have less in common with previous games. As we believe it is really important, Capcom story should also be told. Otherwise, how can you understand the game in general, not knowing anything about their developers and implementers? Keeping it short, originally the Capcom team has started creating different video games in 1979, Japan. According to reliable sources, firstly, they earned its name by introducing cutting-edge technology and software, which was highly suitable for the most complicated video games. Today, they are known as the leaders in the video game industry, working for more than 25 years. Being really successful as a team, this year they are releasing Resident Evil 7 with a great faith. 

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard

Continuing with a gameplay, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is a survival horror video game, based on first person perspective. Without no jokes, the game is aimed to be  the most horrifying and shocking game, which would attract the gamer from the very first seconds.

As you probably know, Resident Evil 7 release date was announced just a few days ago and it already gained a great interest. It is quite strange, but firstly, Resident Evil 7 will be released in North America and Europe on January 24, 2017. Only two days later, more exactly on January 26, 2017 it will also come to Japan and other distant countries. 

How will Resident Evil 7: Biohazard differ from all the similar content games? 

As we mentioned before, Resident Evil 7 video game is based on a single player experience. Such a decision was made in order to create the most realistic view in general. More precisely, as Capcom team has once said, single player experience will help the gamer to immerse himself in the game storyline more easily. Also, the player will feel more like the game is really happening in the reality. However, the major difference that we would really excrete, is the gameplay itself. No longer, the gamer will have to fight during most of the game. Now, everyone will have to concentrate on calculation and more clear strategies.

Resident Evil 7 video game


Finally!!! Resident Evil 7 was released and it came with many great news we never heard about before. However, first, let’s enjoy the fact that Capcom did their best by releasing the most horrifying and hard to puzzle out s video game, that has already gained a great success. It is being sold all over the world, including the biggest countries like US, USA and all the smaller ones like France, Italy, and etc. As it is expected, the game should be sold our really soon, considering the fact that this time, the game doesn’t cost a lot. However, we are really excited and want to know what was the greatest news about RE7 for you guys? Maybe you liked the storyline, the characters that weren’t presented before or the feeling of horror that can make you scream really loud? We are pretty sure you have enjoyed it all.

The real story of the game: how the Baker’s became, who they are and who is the main culprit of such situation?

To begin with, first, we were really excited that Resident Evil 7 Biohazard presented a real story of the game. Previously, we didn’t know how everything happened. How Baker’s became cannibals, how Mia got trapped in the creepy house who was the main culprit of such terrible incident. Now, we can confidently say that the whole RE7 started from kind of innocent girl Eveline, who infected the Baker’s family and every “visor”, who came to their house. To make it clear, Eveline is a girl who born somewhere far away from Bakers family. However, she was infected with some strange fungus or something that made her age really fast. Not to mention, at that time she also gained a power to kill anyone she likes by exploding their bodies from inside.

Resident Evil 7 Eveline

According to actual Resident Evil 7 game, Eveline was lonely and she didn’t have a mother or father that could take care of her. One day, she was taken to the boat that had to take her to the other part of America. On the same ship, she met Mia Winters and Alan Douglas. t first, Mia felt sorry about the girl being alone and she decided to babysit her during the trip. However, then the things got really bad. It appeared that Eveline recognized Mia as her mother and Alan as her father. But when they refused such relations, Eveline got really angry. Then, suddenly happened some strange explosion in the ship and Eveline went out of control. She killed Alan and forced Mia to run out of the ship together with her. After a long search, they found a house to stay in. It was Baker’s apartments.

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard game

As it is explained, at the beginning Baker’s family was kind to Eveline and Mia. However, they suspected that something was going wrong and they were right. Eveline infected Baker’s family and they simply became immortal cannibals, who lost their mind. After such terrible Eveline behavior, Mia decided to send a video to Ethan, asking for an immediate help.