Resident Evil 7 strategy guide

Strategy guide for Resident Evil 7.

Resident Evil 7, is not the easiest game to deal with. It requires much patience, strength, resourcefulness and logical thinking. This is not a game, which can be played by everyone in this earth. If you are afraid of horror, death or fear, this game is definitely not for you. However, if you feel the real passion and joy, while playing such a content game, do not wait any longer and download the Resident Evil 7 PC, Xbox or PS4 version in order to try it out.

Resident Evil 7 story

To make your experience while playing the demo version more enjoyable, quite above, we are going to describe the core elements of the game as well as Resident Evil 7 strategy. To begin with, the game presents a story of an unknown character Ethan, who came to the ghost house to find his kidnapped wife. Since the story can seem quite simple and obvious, we want to highlight that such a simplicity is not going to appear in the game. As you will play as Ethan, do not expect to escape from the house from your first trial. Most probably, you will be killed your first, second or even third time. Just remember, you will always receive a help from some strange women, you are not even going to know or remember. She will be the only one person, who will help you to escape.

Not to mention, Resident Evil 7 is kind of based on real facts. In the game, you will get to know three different characters. One of them will be Andre. As most people think, he died several years ago, however, his soul is not gone. The second one is Pete. He is a TV producer and he is actually missing for several months. As we can see from the demo, Ethan will find Pete in this mysterious house and they will continue to find the way to escape together. How long they will be together? We don’t know, however, not too long. The last one is Clancy Javis. Officially, he is a TV cameraman and we only saw his shadow somewhere in the house. To tell if he really exists is really hard.

Inventory items that you should use, while playing Resident Evil 7

Because you should definitely rely on Resident Evil 7 game tactics, you should also use recommended inventory items. Otherwise, you can lose the game. Firstly, you should find and use a Lock Pick that can be found on the floor in a gap next to the microwave. More precisely, this is a tool that simply unlocks a door and etc, however, it breaks after one usage. Moreover, when you need them, you can also get it by watching VHS. Second tool, is dummy finger. You can find the most detailed information about this item by reading Resident Evil 7 tips column. However, what is important to mention, this inventory item is made from celluloid and it is a part of Dummy’s hand. The last item you shouldn't forget is the Bolt Cutters. This is the most useful tool for cutting all kinds of chains.

Resident Evil 7 strategy guide

Locations of the ghosts and zombies

Going further with Resident Evil Biohazard strategy, one more important thing, is to know where ghosts are going to hide. According to the trailer, the number one ghost that reminds a girl with long hair and short dress will be usually hiding to the left of the porch by the door of the house. Another ghost that seems to have only one leg, usually hangs on the ceilings in the main hallway. The third ghost has a degenerate hand. He looks creepy and most frightening. Usually, he appears in the staircase hall and he hangs the same like previously mentioned ghost, just on the ceiling. In the demo version, you can see even more ghosts, however, we want to keep them in secret. First of all, the game will be more interesting and you will have to find the answers yourself.

However, if you are bored of every single secret and you want to know all the 7 locations of the ghosts, just watch the link below.