Resident Evil 7 skills

Resident Evil 7: characters skills.

As all video games have their characters, characters have their own skills. Resident Evil 7 also has it all. However, we wouldn’t call this as a new game character’s skill, but maybe capabilities. They only have different abilities that shows their emotional stability, some fighting skills and approach to the life in general. Differently than Resident Evil 6 skill list, which was one of the basic things, the new Resident Evil 7 is not going to have it. The game is not going to be based on fight or action, where skills are needed. More precisely, the game is focused on the survival-horror only.

Resident Evil 7: characters skills

Trying to find some Resident Evil 7 best skills of the characters, we realized that the antagonist, Jack has quite a lot of them. First of all, because he is dead and he still lives in a human body, we made an assumption that he is simply immortal. Moreover, he is really powerful. He can go straight through the walls, breaking them in a few seconds. Also, he is able to kill anyone by one strong punch. Not to mention, as the best Resident Evil 7 character skills owner, he can fight using all kinds of different weapons that for most of the characters are even hard to hold. In a word, Jack can go through the walls, secretly follow any of his enemies without letting them know he is somewhere nearby. In our opinion, we kind of believe that he has such a strength and skills, because of his immortality and the way of living. Maybe cannibalism makes him more powerful. Unfortunately, we do not know what kind of skills has his wife Marguerite and his son Lucas. However, we highly believe they will be a scary human beings with strange abilities and fighting skills.

Resident Evil 7 skills

Speaking about Ethan, it is hard to find out his skills, since he can be controlled by different gamers. However, what is quite obvious, is that Ethan is a very tactic, serious and brave man, who chooses not to fight if he has such a choice. In general, Ethan doesn’t have any obvious fighter skills like other game characters usually has. However, he can stand for himself and protect from various cannibals.