Resident Evil 7 deaths

Deaths of the Resident Evil 7 characters - the most interesting part, which brings many questions.

If you thought that death ending in Resident Evil 7 is impossible, you are completely wrong. The very first day, we began to explore this video game, we found out that it is mostly based on a survival-horror story, that already tells much about all the circumstances. We have no idea if you could, but we wouldn’t be able to find any survival video game, where all the characters would be immortal. Also, in our opinion, the game would loose the gamers interest, if it would be only based on live characters or other creatures. Being more precise, we are really happy that Resident Evil 7 deaths are really happening and that it comes at the most unexpected moments.

Death scenes in Resident Evil 7

Speaking about the most impressive Resident Evil 7 death scenes we could find on the YouTube, we would like to begin with the first one you can actually see below. The thing is, this one was made, when some gamer tried to finish the game using kind of silly plan. Or maybe, he simply failed and was ruthlessly killed by Jack. In our opinion, the gamer who played as Ethan did everything too fast and he didn’t have an appropriate strategy. Moreover, as you can see from the video, he only tried to run trough out some kind of door, however, he was very careless and he didn’t try to see what is going around him. Of course, perhaps he was afraid to play this game in general and that fear overwhelmed his brain completely. In any case, we really liked this ending, since it showed the read power of Jack and also one of the most earth-shattering deaths. Only one stroke and Ethan was already dead.

Don’t want to be killed and finish the game without loosing? Check out Resident Evil 7 tips and play the game step by step. However, if you want to see more Resident Evil 7 deaths, continue reading.

In the next video, you can see three deaths and one of them were already described a little bit above. Going to the second one, you can see Ethan, who fights against the invincible monster. Hopefully, Ethan manages to run away from him, however, after a few seconds his arm starts to turn black. Even though, he tries to do his best and he runs to the exit, his energy ends and he falls down on the dark and gloomy ground. A few seconds later, you can see Jack, who comes to the Ethan and kills him without no mercy.