Resident Evil 7 latest news

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Today, you might be lost between all the news about “Resident evil 7”, which are being published practically everywhere. In the blogs, online website and of course YouTube channel. However, in order to arrange all the details of the game consistently it is important to have all of them in one place. To provide you, with the latest “Resident evil 7 news we will group and divide them all into separate categories.

Gameplot changes

We have spent enough time to find out the main changes and the latest news about Resident Evil 7. What we are completely convinced about is that Resident Evil will no longer be played from a third-person perspective. According to Resident Evil 7 demos, we can confidently say that this time the game will be controlled from the first-person perspective. For some, it can seem a little bit strange, since we were used to play Resident Evil 5 and 6 according to a different rules and standards. However, we are quite sure that the game will be more inclusive and more exciting, when being played in such a way.

Resident Evil 7 latest news

In terms of official Resident Evil 7 gameplay, we can already compile a certain impression. Especially, because the developer of the game Capcom has successfully published several great videos, which perfectly represents the storyline of the game. However, although we have a huge variety of videos being published every two weeks, we still have to wait until the very final videos in order to create the ultimate opinion. Why? Because most of the demos and videos that we see on the internet is still very mysterious and even hard to be comprehended. Precisely for this reason, today we have many unreliable sources and invalid reviews that people believe in. For instance, even the very first demo that was released for the Resident Evil 7, does not actually represent the real game. Actually, the official game will surpass the demo version more than we can expect. It will be more about the frightening horror rather than quite scary story. We have no idea what Capcom has been thinking about to create such a harrowed game plot, however, he must have something special going on in his minds.

Resident Evil 7 latest news

According to the latest Resident Evil 7 game news, it won’t be a simple ghost story. To keep the old Resident Evil 7 fans and to increase the number of the new ones, the game will be sufficiently improved. However, it will also have some details of the old game version.

The main character of the game is Ethan. His main mission - to find his wife, who is lost somewhere in the terrifying America. Of course, it would be hard to imagine a man, who will go to fight with the cannibals and other frightening creatures having no weapons or defensive equipment. So, in this case, Ethan will have a knife, pistols, shotguns, chainsaws and of course flamethrowers that will help to kill the monsters. The atmosphere of the game will be terrifying and will definitely cause the opposite emotions. Dark and gloomy rooms, mysterious sounds and once in a while, appearing beings similar to ghosts as well as scary sounds that may cause a shock is one more feature of the game. More precisely, according to Resident Evil 7 news 2016, the game rooms will be filled with the chainsaws hanged on the human limbs, a shovel and other frightening killing stuff. In fact, they will be the culprits of all the terrible sounds.

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