Resident Evil 7 zombies

Does Resident Evil 7 zombies will have some resemblance with Residence Evil 6 game zombies?

Resident Evil 6 was an amazing game, however, it was more about action and killing. In other words, this older game version had a completely different storyline than Resident Evil 7. It was based on combats between game characters and freaking scary zombies. As the best explanation and proof that this game was extremely terrifying, you can watch the video below.

Zombies and ghosts in Resident Evil 7

Without no doubts, the trailer shows the scariest scene, where two main characters are attacked by zombies, who previously was a normal people. Just like them. However, Resident Evil 7 zombies are not going to look like that. There is even a chance, that there will be no zombies at all. Or at least, we should call them in some kind of different way. More precisely, Resident Evil 7 zombies or ghosts will look more like an ordinary people, however, they will be cannibals or some kind of freaks. The most scary zombies we recognized so far, would be that strange creature, who can see below.

At first sight, it seems that they even do not have a face at all. Their bodies are made of bones and thin black skin, which has some really thin blood vessels. Actually, since all the game is based on real people and realistic story, we believe, these strange zombies are a human beings, who was killed and transformed after their death. What is important to say, these Resident Evil 7 monsters have some kind of power to infect people. In the same video, you can see that the main character Ethan was also damaged by that strange zombie and his arms started to go black. His normal blue blood vessels turned to black ones and he suddenly lost all his power. However, as we found out, Resident Evil 7 zombies weakness also exists. You can easily injure them, by using a weapon or knife. In order to kill them, you will need to use all your strength. Just remember, this game, is not about killing, it is more about trying to find out the exit and win, using your brains and good strategies. Not to mention, Resident Evil 7 zombies weapons are only going to be there hands and body power. That means, that they will not have any extra weapons.

If we could count Jack Baker and the rest of his family as a zombie, then, we would say, that Resident Evil 7 game developers did a really great job. After all, they are cannibals, who are actually dead. So why we shouldn’t classify all of them as zombies? In our opinion, the games get even more realistic and interesting, when the zombies come as human beings.