Resident Evil 7 review

Professional review of Resident Evil 7.

Lately, Resident Evil 7 is one of the most discussed video games. Firstly, it received most of the attention, because of an amazing and involving trailer. Secondly, because of simple, however, highly improved gameplay. As we already answered most of the questions about Resident Evil 7 storyline, characters, and etc, this time we are going to make a full review about the game demo “Beginning Hour”.

Review of Resident Evil 7 demo “Beginning Hour”

As it was extremely important to all the gamers, almost a year ago, they had an opportunity to play a demo version of Resident Evil, which was released by a game developer team - Capcom. Officially, that demo lasted exactly one hour and it presented the game story in general. What was the greatest thing about this demo, is the possibility to understand the game better. In other words, after playing this short, however, perfectly crafted version, gamers finally got the complete picture of the game.

Not to mention, as it is perfectly understandable, this first game demo was concentrated on more clear and slow image that helped to create extremely shocking frames. However, when you will be able to play the actual game, do not expect the same game display. It’s definitely going to be more fast and difficult. Making the most informative Resident Evil 7 review, we have also noticed one very important detail. The fact that Resident Evil stands far away from Resident Evil 6, 5, 4 and all remaining parts is completely true. Firstly, Capcom has highly improved the game in general and they also created an amazing graphics that make the game be freaking realistic. However, Resident Evil kind of reminds some other horror video games, like Hideo Kijima’s or Outlast, which also has a really great ratings and are being played by millions. The thing is, if you are looking for the most attractive, challenging and high-quality survival game, Resident Evil 7 is the best game you could ever opt to.

However, if you are really concerned that Resident Evil 7 will have completely nothing in common with all the previous Resident Evil games, just keep calm, because it will. As game coordinator and creator explained, Resident Evil 7 is more focused on horror rather than action, however, it still represents a survival story, where fight and defeat plays a very important part. Such an element, you may notice in a demo version “One hour” we are going to speak about a little bit later.

Resident Evil 7 review

Actual Resident Evil 7 game review and first thoughts

No longer we have to write about the expectations of RE7. January 23, 2017 was the day, when we all had the possibility to buy and play very long awaited horror video game Resident Evil 7 and form our first impression.

To begin with, no one could even expect that RE7 will receive such attention. According to the Capcom it was even expected that the game will be sold for more than one million gamers in the very first week. Does these results proved? We have no clue, since there are no statistics yet. However, what we are pretty sure about, is that Resident Evil 7 made a huge step forward by improving the game in general. More precisely, if you liked the Demo version, you are going to be obsessed with the actual game!

Starting from the very essence of Resident Evil 7 review, first, we want to highlight that Capcom has fulfilled most of the promises. They didn’t cancel the release date, they provided with the most horrifying storyline, and most importantly, they brought one of the most excited game of 2017. Not to mention, they also released the game presenting an unexpected surprise. They made a noticeable change in the tone of the game. If previously it was all about slow horror, silent zombies or ghosts, now it turned into something maniac and comedic. Of course, not everyone can perceive the comic plot and scenes in the game, however, those you can, really enjoys it.

Resident Evil 7 game review

So first, when you open the Resident Evil 7 game, it begins as a horror movie and it really makes you feel the fear and nostalgic atmosphere all around. As you most probably know, the main Ethan or your as a gamer task becomes finding your wife Mia Winters, who was kidnapped by the Baker’s family. As we were able to find out, Mia came to this house not without a reason. She got in trouble, when she agreed to babysit the crazy and chemically infected girl Eveline. To make it clear, the whole story began, when Eveline and Mia were taking the same boat to America. Later, Mia was terrorized by Eveline and she was forced to run out of the boat after a huge explosion. Both, Mia and Eveline tried to find a refuge after they escaped and they accidentally got to the house, where Baker’s family was living. Because Eveline was infected and was able to infect others, she did it without no reason. That’s how, the whole Bakers family became immortal cannibals, who now have no clear thinking or intellect. After that followed the rest of the story. Terrified to be killed Mia send a message to her husband Ethan, that he would immediately come to find her. Actually, this is the story, where the actual video game begins. You are Ethan and you arrive to the scary house to find your wife.

Resident Evil 7 review Zoe Baker

You walk around the house and you feel that everything around you keeps a huge secret. At first, you won’t meet any humans or other kind of creatures from the house. Only later in the game, when you start to explore the house you can hear some nasty and strange to understand sounds. The moment we and most of the gamers felt threatened to death is the scene where you find Mia for the very first time and she brutally attacks you. You can see this moment in the video below. The action starts at 50:29.

Continuing with Resident evil 7 Biohazard review, one more thing that makes this newly released game be so intriguing and exciting is its special effects, soundtrack and scary characters. At first, we didn’t thought that Jack, Marguerite or their son Lucas can be so freaking insane. They follow you everywhere and do not allow to escape, simply trying to kill you every time you enter their space. However, what is really shocking, is that Baker’s also has a daughter Zoe Baker, who wasn’t presented in the Demo version that much. We all knew that someone helps Ethan to escape, but we never thought that it can be Zoe.

Zoe, was the one who made a secret calls to Ethan, explaining what to do next and where to go. Also, she helped for all the “visitors”, who entered their house. Unfortunately, none of them were lucky to escape or stay alive. Lastly, even though Zoe belongs to the same Baker’s family, she doesn't look like any of them at all. More specifically, she is a good character who wasn’t infected by Eveline so far.

According to this story, there are no doubts, why you are given two different Resident Evil 7 endings, where you can save Mia or Zoe. Just think, who you are going to save? Your infected wife, who tried to kill you? Or Zoe, who helped you to escape? The choice depends only from you...