Resident Evil 7 characters

Choice of characters in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.

Every single month, we hear something new about Resident Evil 7 gameplay, requirements and more importantly, characters. Of course, usually most of us are not happy, because the amount of information is really limited. Or even worse, all the facts are given without any proofs. For this reason, we decided to upload the most reliable information about Resident Evil 7 characters, every single week or even day. Speaking more precise, we truly believe that gamers needs to know everything, in order to understand the game better and feel its power.

Starting from the very beginning, Capcom has revealed some new details about Resident Evil 7 playable characters. Actually, it was kind of strange, because as he once have stated: he is not going to reveal anything about the characters, before the game will be released. We don’t know how and why he changed his mind, but today we have a great amount information that definitely needs to see the daylight.

First and foremost, according to the game producer Masachika Kawata, the main Resident Evil 7 character is not going to have any special powers like all previous Resident Evil characters had. He will be unique and brave, however, realistic and quite strange. Unfortunately, we do not dare to name it, because we still have some doubts. However, we strongly believe it will be a middle-aged man with a great bone structure and very impressive intellect. So, be ready to immerse yourself in the most frighting game, which will require a lot of self-confidence as well as fearless spirit.

Resident Evil 7 characters

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard: confirmed characters

The very first time, we saw Resident Evil 7 characters list we tried to find as many mistakes as possible. At first, we thought that the game developers neglected to bring some really scary characters to the game. However, we were completely wrong and today we feel sorry for such an approach. As we have already found out, one of the most audacious character is Jack Baker. Even though, from the first sight he might look kind of positive and clever man, in reality he is a true weirdo. More precisely, Jack is one of the Baker’s family members, who has disappeared from the community and normal life in 2014. As we can tell from the original story, Jack is also known as the main antagonist who acts like a real maniac. Together with his son and his wife, at the years of 2014, he moved to an uninhabited house and lived there until 2017. What is the most important, after all these 3 years living in a dark and gloomy house, he became completely crazy and he became a cannibal. If this might sound horrifying, you might stop reading here, because we have something more terrible to tell. First of all, he does not have any feelings or consciousness, what is right or wrong. He can crush his son bones or make his wife speechless by beating her face or the rest of the body. No wonder why he was chosen as one of the major character... As you can understand, he treats his family like a real psychopath and he has a goal to dominate. Not to mention, Jack kind of has an immortal body.  He can easily recover from gunshot wounds and walk again like nothing really happened. From our opinion, this is an interesting point, because you will always have this crazy all around you, and that will make the game be more interesting. 

Resident Evil 7 character Jack

The second character we want to introduce, is Jack’s son Lucas Baker. Even though, we don’t know much about Lucas, we know he actually follows his dad’s footsteps. The same like Jack, Lucas seems to be kind of maniac, since he normally eats other people and acts like a real maniac. What we could find out from the trailer, which was posted a few months ago, the same like his mom, Lucas is being tortured by his father all the time.

Resident Evil 7 character Lucas

Mia, Zoe, Eveline and other Resident Evil 7 characters you must know

We knew really less about the Resident Evil 7 characters a week ago. However, today is the day when we are ready to reveal all of them, presenting their different stories and appearance. After all, each character plays an important role in the game and knowing them better can improve the quality of your game and your gaming skills as well.

The story of Mia Winters

Let’s begin with one of the most important person in this game. No, it won’t be Ethan or Jack. It is beautiful and sensitive Mia Winters. At first, she is the wife of Ethan, who is known as a nanny and women who helped Eveline to born. In 2014 she was kidnapped by the Baker’s family or recovered if we would speak from the Baker’s understanding. All these years, Mia was hiding in the terrible and scary house trying to escape or find a help. Coming back to the main story, let’s go deeper into the details. Long ago, when Mia married Ethan, she began to work as a handler for Eveline. She was babysitting Eveline for years and suddenly she realized that something is going wrong with her. At first, Mia didn’t thought that it can get even worse and she was sending some videos to Ethan telling that she is doing well. However, after a year or so she sends the last video to Ethan, where she claimed that no longer she want to be together. Such a message really terrified Ethan and he started to worry about his wife being trapped. The truth is, Mia was scared and terrorized by Eveline and the rest of the family. Deep inside she wanted to be saved, however, she was afraid that Ethan can be killed together with her if he will show up. A bit later, the situation was getting worse and Mia decided to send one more video to Ethan, where she begged to save her. She confirmed that she is alive and that she’s hiding somewhere in the Dulvey in Louisiana.

Resident Evil 7 characters Mia

Speaking about Mia’s appearance, she is average height women, with a black wavy hair and beautiful face in general. Unfortunately, such a gorgeous woman does not have a good life and even worse, she suffers many terrible things.

Who is Zoe Baker?

There are many different Resident Evil 7 game characters, however, Zoe Baker is the special one. To start with, Zoe is a supporting character in RE7. She belongs to the same Baker’s family and she actually loves all of them, including her father, Jack, mother Marguerite and her brother Lucas. However, she is not the same as they are. Most importantly, she realizes this fact, since she is able to see how her family transforms into terrifying monsters day after day. As it is actually hard to understand, Zoe is the good one in this game. She helped every single “visitor” to escape from her own home, wishing the best. Unfortunately, none one of them was able to survive or escape apart Ethan. Ethan is the only one who has made so far and who can leave the home together with his wife. Speaking about Zoe Baker more precisely, she is  game she wears very simple clothes, including blue jeans and white T-shirt. Also, she has cute, short hairstyle that makes her look kind of cute and innocent.

Resident Evil 7 Zoe character

Eveline: insane girl or with evil affected victim?

The story of Eveline is breathtaking and scary at the same time. When she wasn’t even born yet, she was affected by some strong fungus or infection, which was the main reason that made her age so fast. So, the day she born was 2014 and the same day she artificially aged and looked like a ten year old girl. For someone, it can sound unconvincing, however, it is a real true about Eveline. Not to mention, this is just the beginning of the story. Later, during the same 2014, Eveline got into the danger to be stolen by some rival agencies. However, to stop such a terrible destiny, the girl was taken to a ship and shipped far away from the unsafe place (At that time no one knew that the same ship will bring more danger than ever before). In the same ship Eveline met Alan Douglas and Mia Winters, who suddenly became the closest people to her. Sadly, during the trip harsh explosions occurred and they strongly affected Eveline. She became unstable and she killed Alan without no mercy. Differently than Alan, Mia was an Eveline's favorite and she remained alive throughout the journey. Not to mention, Eveline considered Mia as her mom. To make it clear, when previously mentioned explosions that was the main reason of Eveline’s health aggravation increased, the situation got even worse. For this reason, Eveline and Mia were obliged to run away as fast as possible. Luckily, they succeed and they found a shelter. The Baker’s family house, where they were allowed to stay in. At first, the Baker’s family was completely normal and nothing similar to cannibals. However, as Eveline moved to this house, the things started to change. She infected Jack, Marguerite and Lucas as well as all the “visitors” who came to the house. We have no idea how, but Mia and Lucas sister Zoe were the only one’s who remained untouched.

Resident Evil 7 characters Eveline

If you already played Resident Evil 7, you should know Eveline and all other members of Baker’s family very well. However, if you have no idea what we are speaking about, just watch a video below. Concentrate on 13:08.


The first time we saw the real Jack Baker in RE7, was the Demo version. He was shown together with the rest of his family, when they were eating the “food” in the kitchen. We are quite sure you remember this scene very well, since it provoked many different discussions and questions. Most of them were about Jack. Including questions like: how he became such a true monster? Why he acts like that? Or if he was a normal man, when he was younger? At first, we weren’t able to answer all these questions, however today, we have enough information and facts about it all.

To begin with, if you already tried playing new Resident Evil 7, you most probably realized that as most Resident Evil 7 characters, Jack Baker is also creepy as hell. As he is the main owner of the house and the head of a family, he controls everyone and cause the main problems in the game. He acts like a terrible and scary cannibal, who do not even know what love or respect is. He treats his family like a real patsy by hurting them or attacking without no reason. The same behavior, he also shows to all the “visitors”, who accidentally enters their home. He finds and kill them at the very first day of their “visit”. However, does Jack Baker always was such a maniac? Definitely, no. As we were able to find out, some years back, Jack was a normal dad, who loves playing football and spending time with his kids. You can actually say that, if you look more carefully at the pictures that hangs in his house. They portray a traditional family, where his wife Marguerite and both his children, Zoe and Lucas look really happy and loved.

Resident Evil 7 characters - family

Who is Jack and all the Bakers. How they become cannibals?

As you have already realized, Jack Baker wasn’t a monster or whatever we call him today. He was turned to the one of them 3 years ago. More precisely, Jack and the rest of his family were infected by some strange virus, which was brought into their house by Eveline. A girl, who came to their family together with Ethan wife, Mia. At first, the Bakers were positive about Eveline and Mia and they let them stay at their place for a few nights. However, a few hours later they started to comprehend that cute and beautiful girl, Eveline, carried a huge secret, they were completely right about. Unfortunately, it was too late to expel Eveline and Mia from the house, because the virus was already spread out. Few more hours was enough and all Baker’s family became who they are today. From that day, no more beautiful evenings, love or strong relations existed in their house. They would only meet to have a “dinner” that included such food like: rotten garbage or the parts of the human body. Speaking about their behaviour, all of them became a murders, who felt happy when killing others. In such way, they turned every “visitor” to the Resident Evil 7 game characters, that now appears as ghosts or some strange creatures.

Not to mention, according to the actual Resident Evil 7 game, no other character can surpass the Jack. Jack can appear everywhere, go throughout the walls using little force or kill his enemy being very discreet. Moreover, Jack is immortal. You can try to shoot him, pierced him with a knife or set on fire - nothing will work. He will remain alive and become even more furious. The only way to escape from such a creature, is to hide really well or be very cautious and trick him.

Resident Evil 7 game characters