Resident Evil 7 costumes

Resident Evil 7: outfits and their uniqueness.

It’s hard to start speaking about Resident Evil 7 characters outfits, especially, when the information about this subject is really limited. However, at this point, we made a deep research and we found out some really interesting news, you will be satisfied about.

First and foremost, game developers decided to make every character look as realistic as possible. For this reason, they chose very simple, however shabby clothes for most of the characters. Of course, Ethan and the police officer named Peter Walken is going to wear quite nice and official clothes, which mostly reminds new edges.

Resident Evil 7 outfits for Baker’s family

Coming back to Resident Evil 7 outfits designed for the Baker’s family, we can say a few things. In accordance to their overall look, their clothes are adapted just perfectly. Jack, will be always wearing the same dark yellow baggy shirt with some cracks and bloodstains on the top of it. Also, he will have a huge glasses, that somehow reminds the ones that Harry Potter was wearing. Whats more, Jack will be wearing light brown pants, covered with high hiking shoes. Speaking about his family members, his wife Marguerite Baker will look more awful that anyone from their family. Marguerite clothes will be really dirty, even though she will be wearing white T-shirt. Not to mention, her hair, eyes and every other detail of her body and look will be really disgusting.

What kind of clothes, Ethan is going to wear?

Resident Evil 7 outfits

What is amazing, on the right side of the picture above, you can see Ethan. Most probably, he will be known as the main character of the game. On the left, you can see a grandma, who looks tired or even almost dead, because of such a scary life. Even it can sound ridiculous, the most stylish one seems to be Lucas, who is a son of Jack. In short, his outfit consists of a dark, tiny jumper and simple, however nice jeans.

As you may already know, Resident Evil 7 is not going to be a simple ghost story. It is definitely more than that and because of this reason, Resident Evil will have more character, who will have no outfits. Why are we saying that? They will be too fearful to have something on themselves.