Resident Evil 7 secrets

Resident Evil 7: most exciting secrets you should know.

Like most video games, Resident Evil 7 also hides some amazing and worth knowing secrets. Most of them, might help to find a hidden weapon or improve defense and fighting skills in general. So do not ignore them, but try to understand as good better as you can.

The most exciting secrets about Resident Evil 7

Starting from the very begging, there are plenty of Resident Evil 7 secrets, however, we don’t have a right to reveal all of them, until the game is released. Speaking of which, we have selected only the most interesting and useful ones. A secret number one, do not take unconsidered actions. As most of you probably know, Resident Evil 7 gameplay is more about horror rather than action, however, it still requires really broad thinking, when it comes to defense or offense. For instance, if you suddenly fall into the Jack’s trap, you need to get out of there really fast. To make it clear, if you are walking all around the house, while trying to find something useful and then Jack comes with a knife under your back, do not start to panic, but face him without no fear. This is a rule and secret that you should know and use without any excuses. Otherwise, you can be killed really easily. Also, do not forget that Jack is partly immortal and that helps him to avoid all the bullets or mortal wounds made by knife really easily. So instead of using a gun, try to use your cleverness in order to trick him. Continuing with the next Resident Evil 7 secret quotes lets move to the one, that will make you more superior. Want to stay alive or heal your wounds? Try to do a deep research all over the house. What you need to find is a healing herbs, which are capable to cure the wound in general or at least provide with some extra energy. In other case, if you will forget most of them, you will not be able to come back and look for them again. Maybe, because you will forgot which room you have been to and, which one you missed and also, because it’s hard to come back, when Jack can be hiding in the most unexpected places.

The third Resident Evil 7 secret

Resident Evil 7 secrets

As you already know two Resident evil 7 game secrets you deserve to hear the third one. Since all the game is based on survival-horror, you need to lose all your fears and try to immerse yourself in the game. Maybe, some of you can think that such a claim is not a secret at all, however you are completely wrong. We saw many people, who played the very first game demo, and most of them lost in the first half. The thing is, you can’t let the fear to intimidate you. Otherwise, you will lose your balance, logic, and most importantly, you will start to make silly decisions. 

Even though, the developers of the game have been hiding the next secret for a long time, we are ready to reveal it. In short, Resident Evil 7 is based on logical thinking that means that the victory can be achieved by following everything step by step only. What we have in mind? It will be really hard to find exits from a different situation or even the way to finish the game in general. However, do not rush and done all the actions, which most probably can influence the game success.

Resident Evil 7 secret quotes