Resident Evil 7 endings

Resident Evil 7: what game endings you can expect?

Completing the Resident Evil 7 demo game is extremely hard. What even to speak about an upcoming actual game. In short, as we did a deep research on this subject and we found even two different Resident Evil 7 endings, that each works in their own way. Of course, you can skip this part and do not read the ending options, if you want to find out all about them yourself. But when you will struggle to find the way to escape, here you will find all the answers.

First Resident Evil 7 game ending

To begin with, first Resident Evil 7 ending guide is maybe easier than the second one. What you need to do, is watch a VHS tape that will cause a secret room key to appear. In general, secret room is the main family room, where you will find a key element - fireplace. After you will grab that recently occurred key you should run to the room back doors. Don’t forget to be attentive and look around in order to see if the place is safe. When you will stand in front of the back doors, do not let your hands shake, because you will have to put the key into the door’s hole as fast as you can. If you succeed, you will instantly see the daylight and freedom you have been looking for so long. Unfortunately, you will be grabbed by creepy and insane Jack and dragged back to the scary house.

Second Resident Evil 7 game ending

Going deeper into Resident Evil 7 game ending analysis, we also want to present another possible ending. This one, is definitely more complex, however, if you follow all the steps you can easily pass it. To begin with, Resident Evil 7 game ending interpretation beings when you answer the phone in the attic room. Of course, before that you have to replace the fuse and open a secret stairs. After you answer the phone, you will immediately hear one of the three phone calls. Some kind of women will try to help you, saying where Jack Baker hides and how to escape from him. Immediately after you drop the phone, you need to find the way to escape. Sadly, it is impossible to run away, since Jack appears in front of you and simply smash your face and the rest of the body. Welcome, you become one of the family members.

1. Phone call number one: "You have the power to choose. But the outcome of that choice may not be what you expect."

2. Phone call number two: "Memories hold the truth. Don't let appearances mislead you".

3. Phone call number three: "You will have to say goodbye eventually. But will you be ready?"

Which ending are you going to choose? As you already have both Resident Evil 7 game endings explained, you can try them both. After all, comprehensive experience is the best way to know the game better. P.S: don’t forget this is only the endings for Resident Evil 7 demo version. The actual game will have different possibilities and it will have less in common with the demo version of the whole.

Resident Evil 7 endings

Save Mia and save Zoe Endings

Finally, Resident Evil 7 is out. For a long time it was one of the most awaited video games, however, according to today's statistics this game is also one of the most popular horror game. The most exciting details that brought such a result, was the most realistic horror that allows to immerse yourself in the world of fear. Not to mention, Resident Evil 7 provides the best gaming experience when playing from the first person perspective. On the other hand, RE7 is not the easiest game to comprehend. To solve the hard and intriguing puzzles can take more than a few days, months or even years. However, when you come to the final steps you need to pay attention to Resident Evil 7 endings that can actually be two.

Most probably, you saw many different videos in YouTube channel that shows both endings, however, do you understand them well? We guess no. Not much is known so far, because really less gamers succeed to finish RE7 so fast and explain how everything really happens. All they do, they just upload the videos, without explaining the real essence. However, if you are really curious, we can definitely help to appease your curiosity by providing the latest news we got just a few days ago.

To begin with, as we mentioned before, there are two Resident Evil 7 game  endings. One of them is good and the other one is bad. The thing is, you can’t pick the ending yourself. It all depends on the actions you made More precisely, at the end of the game you will be forced to choose who you want to save. Will it be Mia or Zoe? Sadly, you can’t save both of them. Definitely, this is an important detail of the game, because it makes you feel bad. At once, you can even think that you somehow similar to the Baker’s family.

Resident Evil 7 endings Mia

What Happens if you save Mia?

If you finally decide to save Mia, you will pick the good Resident Evil 7 ending, however, Zoe will be left behind. Saving your wife will help you to find the important answers to a questions you was curious about during the whole game. How it will happen? We have no right to tell you, because then the game won’t be so interesting anymore. However, you will definitely see the difference between saving the Mia and Zoe.

What Happens if you save Zoe?

If you go with the second ending and you save Zoe, then Mia is be left behind. Not to mention, this choice will not bring anything good, since it will definitely end with death. More specifically, Zoe will be killed by Eveline. However, you will also be provided with some great things, that are not known yet. So the question is, what ending you appreciate more?

Resident Evil 7 game endings

Luckily, you will be able to try both endings if you will decide to play the game again. After all, both Mia and Zoe deserve to be saved. Mia, will be your life inspiration and Zoe will be the one that helps to survive.

For having a better understanding, watch the Resident Evil 7 ending guide that you can see below.