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It has passed enough time, when “Resident Evil 7” game developer has announced about a new game being released in 2017. However, can you find enough information about the most exiting game details and more important, Resident Evil 7 official trailer? We fully understand that the game would not be interesting if all details would be released before its first publication, however the main fans of ‘Resident Evil 7” just has to have the right to get to know a few basic details about the trailer of the upcoming game. So, in spite of the great amount of information that you can find on the official game website, that is being filled once or twice a week, players are still eager for more information, which we promise to provide in this article and whole website in general.

Resident evil 7” trailer

About “Resident evil 7” official trailer

Based on the latest news, “Resident Evil 7 Biohazard” trailer saw the daylight earlier than it was expected. Moreover, the trailer viewability was so high that professional comments and trailer reviews started to fill in the Internet the same or in the worst case the following day. The number of Resident Evil 7 trailer official views was also something startling or maybe, it was even the main thing because of which, today this game has grown up so much reliable fans.

In terms of “resident evil 7” game trailer, we can now find a plenty of them, that each presents different information and specifies on unique details. For instance, the trailers you can see above obviously speaks about the scary, however essential story which will occupy a central role in the game. Zombies and dead creatures, which can still fight or even revive after being filled with plenty of bullets is what you can really expect. Improving traditional zombies, the game creator Capcom will definitely bring some novelties to beat all the other similar content video games. Moreover, speaking about the healing process in the case of assault or injury “Resident Evil 7” do not change the previous game formula. From the trailers you can see that various herbs can perfectly heal from the injuries and allow to fight with a full capacity. However, it appears that healing herbs will be improved and will have the special components that will help to heal from the bullet wounds much faster that ever before. So far, we understand that for someone it can seem like a magical and impossible thing, but it is why the game differs from the reality.

Taking Resident Evil 7 Biohazard Tape 2 “The bakers” into consideration, here we can see much more details revealed about the main video game character Ethan. In the other words, Ethan is the protagonist that all gamers will have the ability to control according to their understanding. So far we have discovered that the main mission of the game character Ethan is to find his wife who is lost in the dangerous and mysterious world full of zombies and all other strange, immortal creatures. It can look strange that Ethan risks his life, however, in this game love is much stronger that fear to be dead. More precisely, “Resident evil 7” trailer “The bakers” presents one clear scene, where the Ethan meets the cannibals “family” at the dinner table.

Resident Evil 7 trailer

The trailer itself looks really frightening and cause negative emotions. Even the very first seconds of the game trailer, where Ethan is surrounded by angry cannibals looks super terrifying. Telling the whole trailer story more detailed, we can see the table full of human remains that are being successfully eaten by cannibals. However, the trailer gets worse at the moment, when Ethan is asked to eat some of the “delicious” food that he refuses to. The family gets angry and the situation becomes even more horrifying. To escape - becomes impossible. The end of the trailer where Ethan is facing the death is what we are really interested in. The knife in front of his face may indicate two things: he will be killed with no mercy or he will remain alive if he will choose to fight without no fear. To tell you the truth, here we don’t have the right answer, but still, we can speculate. The “Resident evil 7” official trailer concludes with a great announcement. The release date of the game, which is January 24, 2017.

One more trailer called Resident Evil 7: Vol.4 “Stock Up” is also worth to be discussed. In fact, according to the different reports and experts opinion, this trailer gives better understanding about the actions and things that we will be able to do in the game. The most emphasized part of this trailer is definitely the knife. If you can see from our perspective you can instantly see that knife is being used practically everywhere. To cut the adhesive tape, to protect yourself from the deadly danger or even to kill. As it is important to mention, the same like in the previous “Resident evil 7” game trailers here you can also see one more important accent that we should all focus on. It is the darkness, room arrangement and of course a sense of fear. More precisely, you can see that the action is held in the dark and gloomy garage, where everything is dilapidated.

Last but not least, the newly released "Resident Evil 7" Vol. 4 "Stock Up" trailer also provides the clearest understanding of the main game changes. If the previous game version had a much less weapon choices and was not so carefully perfected, this new “Resident Evil 7” version will surpass it all by 100 percentage. Besides, since Capcom has already provided some of the game details the game fans are expecting to get more news before the game will be released.

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