Resident Evil 7 two player

Does Resident Evil 7 will have a 2 player or multiplayer mode?

Resident Evil 7 is an upcoming survival-horror game that has already grabbed most people’s attention. It is unique, exciting and most importantly harder to deal with. However, here comes the most important question. Will Resident Evil 7 2 player mode will really exist? Or it will be based on multiplayer action? Actually, because all the previous Resident Evil 7 game versions had and option to be played with your friend online, its hard to image, how the new game version could not have it. Let’s see the facts.

As we were able to find out, Resident Evil 7 two players are not going to exist. Of course, there is no official information yet, however, we make a an assumptions that it will be only playable by one, single player.

More facts about Resident Evil 7 Multiplayer mode

As the best indicator, we decided to mention the Steam store page list that is only designed for a single player. Also, it would be really hard to imagine the Resident Evil 7 being played by two people, since the mission and the whole gameplay are created for one person only. Moreover, the game design proves this fact again. Unlike all other Resident Evil games, this time the seventh part of the game is not going to be focused on a certain action. There will only be weapons and some kind of combats between Ethan, cannibals and zombies, but they won’t be too dominant or serious. Last but not least, Resident Evil 7 multiplayer mode sounds kind of strange. Even though, gamers are not even interested about the multiplayer mode. This time, they want to play on their own.

Can Two Players Coop mode appear in the game?

Clearly, if Resident Evil 7 is not going to have a multiplayer mode, it won’t have a two player coop too. The best explanation is demo version or Resident Evil 7 trailer. Because the game is based on scary moments or fear to be dead, it would be a flat nonsense if the game could be joined by another gamer. Obviously, the game would definitely lost its charm. After all, the real fear can affect a person, when experience the game alone. Moreover, as we already saw, Ethan explores the house alone. For a sever times, he was shown walking together with Pete. However, it was only a demo version. What’s going to happen in the actual game is still unknown.

All in all, we hardly believe that Resident Evil 7 two gamers is going to exist. Don’t be too optimistic.

Resident Evil 7 two player