Resident Evil 7 release date

Information about Resident Evil 7 release date.

Already four years have passed since “Resident Evil” creator Capcom has released a successful “Resident Evil 6” game version, which was played by millions on PC, PS4 and PlayStation. These days, when computer games become as popular as never before, “Resident Evil 6” cannot compete with the most of the newly released survival-horror video games. Its story line, opportunities and even the old fashioned appearance of the game is not enough for thirsty gamers anymore. For this reason and many more, Capcom is presenting newly born game version called “Resident Evil 7 Biohazard”, which is planned to be released in January 24, 2017.

The emergence of Resident Evil 7 and all news about its release

Despite the fact that “Resident evil 7” release date is far enough, Capcom and the rest of his team are working really hard to improve the game and to provide all the latest news to fans as soon as possible. For instance, today we have a huge variety of “Resident evil 7” game trailer versions that each helps to create a common understanding about the upcoming game and have

Resident evil 7 release date

something important to say. A few that portrays the main idea of the game, some that shows what we can expect and others, which reveals the game opportunities for the gamer.

Speaking about the “Resident evil 7” release more widely, it is important to mention that this game idea was born already a few years ago. Of course, maybe we cannot call it as entirely new game, but only the previous game improvement. However, from our perspective the game seems to be improved so much that it looks like a completely new game. The only thing that remained absolutely the same is the theme of the game. Specifically, it will be a survival-horror story like it was in old good times.

Furthermore, “Resident evil 7” was first time introduced and confirmed during the press conference “Sony’s E3 2016”. What was really great is that the participants of the conference agreed the game with a hearty applause and congratulated “Resident evil 7” discoverer having achieved amazing results during the previous years. Also, the same conference was the place, where Capcom confessed where the idea to create such a promising game was really born. Do you remember the creepy video game trailer called “Kitchen” VR demo? Then right, because the “Resident evil 7” was born and inspired specifically by this video.

We truly believe that those who couldn't stop playing the “Resident evil 6”, would not be able to drag their attention from the “Resident evil 7” at all. Since the most frequently asked question “when does resident evil 7 come out” already has its answer, right now, we just can’t wait until the most significant day. In the other words, just be ready to play one of the most anticipated games of 2017.

After we made a profound research on this game, while looking for the most credible information about the “Resident evil 7” Biohazard release date we have also found one more exciting new that is worth to be considered. In short, differently than many other similar content video games, “Resident evil 7” seems to be played only from the first person perspective. Why Capcom made such a decision? He believes that playing a video game from the first perspective can stimulate the imagination better as well as reflect the reality. If this is not enough, for real extreme game lovers, we also recommend to choose the headset, which will allow to see the “Resident evil 7” as close as possible.

Want to know the most important news about the video game “resident evil 7” release date and other breaking news the first? Follow our news, which comes from the first-hand.

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Resident Evil 7 is finally out! It came with unbelievably strong gameplay and characters as well. No one even imagined that Capcom can do such a great job and present fully improved horror video game that would take our breath away forever.

According to Resident Evil 7 release date that was Jan 23, 2017 the results of sold game packages are really impressive. As Capcom has confirmed, the game was shipped by 2.5 million people and the Demo version was downloaded more than 7million times. Without no doubt, this number continues to grow, so Capcom can happily count even bigger numbers. What influenced such a great success? We believe, it is all because the gameplay was completely changed and the horror surpassed all expectations.

Right now, RE7 is certainly the biggest horror game of 2017. Most probably, it will also become one of the most modern and unexceptionable technologically improved video games. However, just remember the very first days when we heard RE7 name. Most gamers were obviously against the game being changed. More precisely, they were so in love with all previous Resident Evil versions that they couldn’t imagine how the game can be better or more exciting at least. After all, it was just unbidden opinion that was quickly destroyed by Capcom team. Without no doubts, they proved that the new RE7 is much better.

But what was the very first steps that made the game be known by everyone? As we believe, the biggest influence was made by RE7 Demo “Beginning Hour”. The demo was a perfect solution that attracted even more gamers. Not to mention, the demo version stands out from all similar content games, since it presented the most horrifying gameplay that you need to play from a first person perspective. Of course, this was one more step forward. Never before Capcom has released a game from such a view. It always was concentrated on third person perspective. However, as most gamers agree, now the game became even more attractive. You can feel the fear, the emotions and every detail yourself.

Resident Evil 7 - Biohazard release

Moreover, Resident Evil 7 release united many gamers from all over the world. Today, the whole internet is filled with countless number of discussions that brings all RE7 fans together. Some of them praise the game, saying that it is the best piece of art, while others does not stop to look for various mistakes and etc. After all, no matter how many different opinions are, Resident Evil 7 release is something worth to appreciate and love!