Resident Evil 7 rating

How fast the ratings and interest in the Resident Evil 7 is growing?

A few days ago, 2016 finally finished and it was a really big year, since it brought a lot of new and highly improved video games to the world of ours. Thankfully, we had a wide range of choice if speaking about crime, fantasy and fighting games, however there was no great survival games released. A few we played, was kind of boring and did not require as much effort as it was expected. Differently than 2016, this year we will have many great games coming out, and one of them is Resident Evil 7. Without no doubts, Resident Evil 7 ratings increasingly improved, and today, more than a million people are waiting for this game to come being extremely excited.

Resident Evil 7: Ranking system

We will not lie, saying, that Resident Evil 7 is something new. It completely surpasses all other previously created survival-horror video games, since it provides the best graphics and the gameplay in general. Of course, we didn’t have the ability to play the official game, however, its demos on PC, PS4 and Xbox is truly amazing! Once, it was published the Resident Evil 7 ranking system, however, it was deleted in order to keep everything in secret. During that time, we managed to find out the answers we were interested about. First and foremost, no one could even expect that Resident Evil 7 will receive such support and gain millions of new fans. Such a thing, happens really rarely, but they succeed without no doubts. The major thing, which helped this specific game to be noticed, is its exclusive gameplay and choice of characters. As you probably know, Resident Evil is all based on the survival-horror that makes the storyline be simple, however unique. No longer this game will be only about action and killing your enemies. It will be focused on a first-person perspective, where you play in order to stay alive and save your beloved woman’s life. Moreover, Resident Evil 7 game ratings started to really grow, when first demo called “Walkthrough” Beginning hour was released.

Resident Evil 7 rating

The demo lasted for one hour only. To finish it successfully from the first trial, was almost impossible. You had to play the same demo for two, three or even more than five times, in order to find the exit. In our opinion, such a fact is really great, because it attracted many experienced gamers, who tried to finish the game as fast as they could. Not to mention, this caused a variety rumors about the game, being extremely hard to deal with. However, as we know, hard games are worth such an attention and they are more playable than all others.

How the game is evaluated by its developers and producers?

Speaking about Resident Evil 7 evaluation from the game developers perspective, they are really happy about their game. First of all, they believe in their success. Also, they plan to bring the best graphics and special effects that would make gamers happy. Last but not least, according to high ratings, they are thinking to give something in return. When we say so, we mean more great news or even the second part of Resident Evil 7.